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Eco-village-walnuts is an initiative that aims at creating resilient rural communities through walnut agriculture based on organic and fair-trade principles and cooperation.

We source walnuts from our village Rîșcova in Moldova (1.200 inhabitants) from small producers with up to 5 trees. The nuts are harvested and shelled by hand. The women get a better price than on the market in the capital and avoid the risks of transport to the city.

Our Concept


For the start we have shelled walnut kernels in premium quality (light halves) in packages of 250g and 125g. Besides we have assortment of quarters and an smaller pieces (good for muesli) in 300g.


For the starting phase all our small producers are women from Riscova, Moldova. They have their trees in their gardens or along the street. Many of them have children in a foreign country or in the town, some take care of their grandchildren. All have their gardens with fruits and vegetables, some have animals like a cow, a few chickens or a pig but little further financial income.

Since especially energy for heating and electricity is comparatively expensive, cash becomes increasingly important for self-sustaining, especially in the winter period. Without this initiative some of our women would individually go to the central city market with their 10 kg of shelled walnuts where they get a lower price. Also the way is connected with expenditures, extra effort and risk of robbery loss or robbery.

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    Don't heistate to contact us if you have questions, are interested in our initiative, need walnuts, would like to get involved or just want to get in touch

    We also provide the service to visit our village and our producers. We organize an annual study trip to Moldova with the focus on politics and agriculture. If you are interested, please contact us: Valeria Șvarț-Gröger & Julian Gröger